Silat Research No 3: Development of new field-based tests of kick and movement speed in youth martial arts

Introduction. The aim of the current study was to develop tests of kicking and movement speed specific to the demands of martial arts.

Material and methods. Tests of 3-kick (3-K) and 20-kick (20-K) speed, together with 3-directional jump (3-DJ) performance, were developed using a contact mat and examined for test-retest reliability. Forty youth exponents aged 13.8 + 1.2 y completed testing.

Results. Absence of systematic bias and reliability CVs for total time of 6.8% for 20-K and 9.0% for 3-DJ suggest these to be reliable measures. The observation of systematic bias and CV of 23.1% for total time in the 3-K test show this to be a less reliable parameter.

Conclusions. The study demonstrates the potential to develop reliable and specific field-based tests for martial arts.

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